Invited Reviews

Dr. Reardon has published several invited review papers in leading journals.



The Resurrection of the Barr Body

Reardon W.
The Consultant 2013; 104-5



Rare but real - the effects of sodium valproate in pregnancy

Reardon W.
Ir Med J. 2011 Jun;104(6):165-6. No abstract available.



Dysmorphology Demystified

W Reardon and D Donnai.
Arch Dis Child; F92:225-9.



Assisted Reproductive Technology and Defects of genomic Imprinting

C Allen and W Reardon.
Br J Obs and Gynae; 112:1589-94.



Inherited deafness in childhood – the genetic revolution unmasks the clinical challenge

W Reardon and RF Mueller.
Arch Dis Child; 82:319-321.



Elastin Mutation and Cardiac Disease

T Chowdhury and W Reardon
Paediatric Cardiology; 20:103-107.



Craniofacial Developmental Abnormalities

F Elmslie and W Reardon
Curr Opin Neurol and Neurosurg; 11:103-108.


Connexin 26 gene mutation and autosomal recessive deafness

W Reardon.
Lancet; 351:383-384.



Skeletal Dysplasias detectable by DNA analysis

W Reardon.
Prenatal Diagnosis; 16:1221-1236.



The molecular pathology of syndromic craniosynostosis

W Reardon and RM Winter.
Mol Medicine Today; 1:432-437.


Mitochondrial Genetics and Deafness

W Reardon, AE Harding.
J Audiol Med; 4:40-51. No abstract available.



Genetic Deafness

W Reardon.
J Med Genet; 29:521-526.


The Clinical Genetics of Deafness

W Reardon.
Br J Hosp Med; 47:507-511. No abstract available.



The Genetics of Deafness

W Reardon, ME Pembrey.
Archives of Disease in Childhood; 65:1196‑1197.

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