Publications of Dr. Willie Reardon, specialist in Paediatric Genetics, Hereditary Hearing Loss and Dysmorphology:


The Bedside Dysmorphologist


The Bedside Dysmorphologist 
A Guide to Identifying and Assessing Congenital Malformations
2nd Edition

Published Oct 2015. Oxford University Press (NY)

ISBN: 9780199970889


Read a review from the American Journal of Medical Genetics

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Hereditary Hearing Loss and its Syndromes


Hereditary Hearing Loss and Its Syndromes.

Edited by HV Toriello, W Reardon and RJ Gorlin.

Published Feb 2004 (Oxford University Press)




The Bedside Sysmorphologist


The Bedside Dysmorphologist – classical clinical signs in human malformation disorders and their diagnostic significance.

Published Aug 2007. Oxford University Press (NY)







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