Genetic Testing

Patients and their doctors sometimes seek to have “genetic testing.” This can relate to tests for chromosomal conditions or to single gene disorders, usually tested by DNA analysis. Tests may be warranted by the identification of a genetic condition in a family member or by a possible genetic condition being suspected in another clinic by a nongeneticist.

Irrespective of the circumstance which leads to the perceived need for a genetic test, many of the referrals to Dr. Reardon’s clinic relate to requests for “genetic testing.” Many patients attending other clinics, such as infertility clinics, may be advised to have “genetic tests” and it is a frequent reason for referral to Dr Reardon’s clinic. Such tests are routine in both Dr Reardon’s public and private practice. Patients who believe they need to have genetic tests are advised to seek referral to Dr Reardon’s clinic from their GP.

It is important to understand that sometimes individual patient tests cannot be interpreted in isolation of other family members and it may be necessary to have DNA from both parents and the individual themselves before sensible diagnostic conclusions can be inferred.




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