Prizes & Honours

Donald Paterson Prize 1995

(awarded by the British Paediatric Association)


Guthrie Medal 1996

(awarded by the British Paediatric Association)

Guthrie MedalIn alternate years the British Paediatric Association (now RCPCH) awards the Donald Paterson prize and the Guthrie medal to a medically qualified researcher working in the area of paediatrics. While the Paterson prize is adjudged on the basis of a single published paper, the Guthrie medal is awarded for a body of work over a period of time and is considered on the basis of several publications. The 1995 Donald Paterson prize was awarded to Dr. Reardon for his paper defining mutations at the FGFR2 locus as the cause of Crouzon syndrome. The 1996 Guthrie medal was awarded to Dr. Reardon for his work on defining congenital malformations of the cranium in both syndromic deafness and the craniosynostoses as well as clarifying the clinical and molecular basis of these malformations. Dr. Reardon is one of only two paediatricians to have won both premier prizes awarded by the RCPCH.


Graves Lecture and Medal 2000

RAMI Medal(awarded by the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland)

Following application to the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland, Dr. Reardon was invited to give the 40th Graves lecture. The title of that lecture was “Clinical Medicine in the Molecular Age – Lessons from Pendred syndrome.”




RS McCrea Lecture and Medal 2002

McCrea Medal(awarded by the Queen’s University, Belfast)

At the request of the Queen’s University, Dr. Reardon was pleased to deliver the memorial lecture to Mr. RS McCrea, FRCS, former head of Otorhinolaryngology at the Royal Victoria Hospital and the Queen’s University, Belfast. The title of the lecture was “Genes which adversely affect hearing.”






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