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Welcome to the website for Dr. Willie Reardon.  

Dr. Reardon has over 25 years experience in Clinical and Medical Genetics, specialising at the world-renowned Great Ormond Street Hospital (1988 - 1999) and the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto (2007).  He is now based at Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children in Dublin, and is also the Consulting Clinical Geneticist for the National Maternity Hospital, Dublin.  

Dr. Reardon has acted as an expert witness in Medico-Legal cases for over 20 years, both on behalf of defence and plaintiff.

You can explore this site to find information on What I Do and all my Publications, including Books and Journals.  You can also find out about Private Genetic Testing.

Dr. Reardon can be contacted by using our Contact form, or by calling his office at Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children on +353 1 4096069

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