Dr. Willie ReardonWillie Reardon read Medicine at University College Dublin, graduating with an honours degree in 1984. Thereafter, he undertook general training in medicine and paediatrics in approved Dublin teaching hospitals and associated centres before embarking on specialist training in clinical genetics at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in 1988. He completed his doctoral thesis while there, the degree of MD being awarded in 1991. Thereafter he spent a year working at the internationally acclaimed centre for inherited neuromuscular diseases in Cardiff before returning to London. He was appointed a Consultant to the Great Ormond Street Clinical Genetics Unit in 1995, holding the title of Reader at University College London. He returned to work in Dublin in 1999, taking the post of Consultant Clinical Geneticist at Children's Health Ireland. More recently he has worked as Visiting Professor of Paediatric Genetics at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, before returning to his post in Dublin

Dr. Reardon is Clinical Lead in Genetics & Head of Department of Clinical Genetics at Children's Health Ireland.  He leads a department comprising Consultants, Genetic Counsellors, Scientists and Administrative staff, seeing over 3000 patients a year and undertaking almost 10,000 laboratory investigations and analyses.

Dr. Reardon is the Consulting Clinical Geneticist to the National Maternity Hospital and in this capacity sees many patients with genetic forms of infertility, patients during pregnancy where there is a potential fetal malformation or chromosomal problem, and also sees newborn infants with suspected genetic conditions.  The genetic counselling of families thus identified is an essential part of his practice.


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